Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sweet Sister Friends

I received a friendship card in the mail the other day from a very dear forever friend, and again pondered the amazing gift I have in the women God has given me. There are days or moments when I feel alone and like no one notices or cares, or that I don't belong anywhere. But all I need to do is stop a moment and think of the many gifts in friends I have been given. One of the problems is that some of them are too far away for my liking.

So I think of the gifts of each one. The things they have taught me. How different we all are and yet so much the same. The ways that we change because of who we've known, and how they have touched our hearts. For those I have known for longer, I am amazed at the different paths and experiences that have changed who we are and where we have gone with our lives. The way God has directed each step...


She teaches me about being real and true to yourself at whatever the cost. To always say what matters and always ask the tough and deeper questions; to not be content with the same. She is about knowing God even when it's hard or doesn't make sense. She is confident and assertive, and easy to talk to. She is creative and feminine. We can always pick up right where we ended, or even ahead of that.

She is warm-hearted, consistent and even-keeled, even tempered, always reliable and always caring. Athletic and beautiful, faithful in prayer and never ending in speaking clearly of God's promises and blessing, when they haven't always been hers. She has a man just like mine and we understand that part of each other. She is like a sister to me.

My friend can do anything she sets her mind to. She is creative and full of love. She is confident in who she is and always fun to be with. She is a wonderful mother and the most faithful friend. She never complains, and always looks to the bright side. She can organize better than even I can. With every word that is spoken she has a whisper of encouragement to add. Every occasion is reason to celebrate and there are many. Her hands are skilled and her mind is sharp, but not after 9 pm. Her life is a gift to be shared with many; thankful I am one of them !!

My friend said to me that I am one she wants to know when we are old ladies. That is a great compliment, and so I send her to funny old lady cards. She has the gift of inclusion! Everyone is her friend and she knows how to introduce everyone to her BEST friend. I have never met anyone with as much joy and enthusiasm, the ability to entertain a crowd, but draw in just one person into a deep conversation, that is a gift!

She is a true gift. She who is soft spoken and adored by any who meet her, even though she thinks she is easily forgotten. Who could forget such a warm and loving person? Always a listening ear, a wise word, and strong cup of coffee. I see inside her quiet inner world and noisy outer world to a place of contentment in her soul. That spontaneous, wild adventurous side lurking beneath the phlegmatic is such a delightful contrast.

She stands full of grace and beauty. A quiet soul waiting to be discovered. She sees the world through a different lens. There are people that you wonder how they think, and where they possess such ideas and creativity. And thank God He made them, to show the world another kind of beauty and a reality apart from the everyday normal. She never says no to anyone she cares about and I wish she were my auntie.

I have another friend who can make me laugh and the faster we talk, the faster we walk. Her heart is alive and excited about possibilities. She looks to the Father in every moment. She asks questions and shares openly her struggles. Someone who lives in the moment and enjoys life.

So joyful to walk down life's road with you!

My heart is full.....


The Dukes Family said...

Awwww ... I love that post. You're such an amazing friend and I wish we lived closer and could just sit and chat over coffee ... like every day. I'm blessed to have you, sister friend.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Okay, I'm a little slow off the mark. That is so cool. You made my day sis!