Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Project Day

Thanks to Randi for the pattern, I have finished a gift for a friend's sister, the one who adopted the little guy a few weeks ago. His dark hair will look great with the bright green, don't you think? I managed to figure out the toes only having to pull it out 3 times. I'll bring it to knitting club Thursday, they'll be so impressed :)

We have a scrapbook that I do 1 page in every year, so it's compact information!! I want to have 50 years of pages in there when I'm done. Well today I finished the last 3 years!! What have I been doing the last 3 years that it never got done? It's one page!! See why I don't scrapbook?! You can't remember as many good details when I don't do it right away, but now I am back on track. I skipped my prayer group this morning because I felt the need to do nothing. The past 3 years have been a little busy, ever since I went back to school! So glad I have turned over a new leaf to not working much and staying home more! Not that I was working tonnes, but just getting re-established you know.

And just when I was going to tell you how good Ditto has been lately, I walk into the family room and he's staring at me through the FRONT window. Hmmm.. new escape route? So I know what I'm doing now. He's figured out how to open the side gate, rotten, too smart for his own good, dog!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Ditto cracks me up. Did you figure out his escape route? So what's the story behind the new header?

The Dukes Family said...

The hat and washcloth are great - I love the bright green! You've had a productive week. Good luck figuring out Ditto. What a dog!

The Dukes Family said...

Okay, how did I not notice the header? I must have scrolled down instantly. That's hilarious!!! Is that the photo Erin had on her blog?