Monday, March 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are home and happy! After waking up to snow yesterday morning in Calgary, we headed out with a prayer and a little trepidation, but the roads were totally fine almost all the way. We had 4 full days in Alberta visiting ALL of both families and also squeezed in a visit with our 2 favorite friends, Tara, and the Hoggs- still have garlic breath from that lunch out. Their dog inspired us getting Ditto so they finally met and played some fetch together. Ditto is bigger than Misha, and much more puppy, but Misha put him in his place and still beat him in the chase. I wish we had more time to see a few more people (like maybe Sandi :) because I know you're reading)- next time!

We had 1 1/2 days in Olds and 2 1/2 days in Calgary. The kids loved the evening at the Olds pool with the waterslide and a boys vs. girls water basketball match. We celebrated #65 for Kevin's Mom with a day at the zoo with all the kids and grandkids, dinner out and cake.

Our favorite animals (besides the one above):
Me - river otter (I wish I had that much energy and I love how fun loving they are)

My girl - hippos (she got some awesome photos with its mouth open)
Do you know hippos will drown in deep water because they actually don't float?

My boy- sting rays and snow leopards

Kevin - hippos and giraffe (did you know the giraffe can only run for 6 seconds because its blood pressure goes too high otherwise and it can't get to their head and they will have a heart attack- if they can't outrun whatever is chasing them, they will turn and fight, and they can decapitate a lion with one kick, so a lion will not stalk a giraffe) Men learn such interesting trivia don't they?

We spent some time at my Mom's in Calgary. The kids went out to see Del's new race horse yearling he bought in Kentucky, and we had a big Easter dinner with the whole clan. Actually, I think we pretty much just ate the whole time we were there. So much for starting a diet! We had turkey dinner one day, Chinese food, Greek souvlaki, ham one night, lunch at Tara's and steaks with all the works for Easter! And of course all the usual traveling junk food both ways. It was good to see our nephews - well and of course our 1 niece, but she doesn't change as much as the little ones right now. We need some more girls though I tell you!

Wish we had more time off so we could spend more time there, but it's good to be home and sleep in our own beds.

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