Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chestnuts Exploding on an Open Fire..

or shall I say in my oven... I got some advice on "roasting" our newly picking chestnuts from the lady at the nut farm, but when we started hearing exploding sounds, we figured maybe that wasn't the safest method. And it adds cleaning my oven to the list.

With a much happier ending.. my dear, completely craft challenged friend was over today (she has many other very redeeming qualities, like rich faith). She's back in college full time at age 40! She needed a little help with a teaching assignment, so we made a mug cozy! She has to teach it to a roomful of seniors. I contemplated assembly line production as a cute little Christmas gift, but changed my mind. I'm allowed to, right?

Here's my silly dog laying in front of the work light suntanning... it's hot there!


Randi said...

The chestnut thing is crazy!!

Cute mug cozy.

Sandra said...

Lol! That is so something that would happen in this house! :) Thanks for the laugh (re: the chestnuts).

erin said...

The chestnuts were so creepy, they just started exploding and the smoke detector was going off. Nice mug cozy! and ditto, you're crazy!