Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just Under 10

Every fall, well actually much more often than that, spring, summer etc. we complain about how out of shape we are and that we really should be doing something about it. I have had a gym membership, taken up walking with friends (who then move to India), gone swimming, decided to sign up for a mini triathlon, joined an indoor soccer team, gotten new recipes that are healthy and low fat, and the list goes on. I have had some success in varying degrees, but just have to tell you, it's always been an uphill battle. And my weight hasn't changed much. Kevin decided he should lift weights or throw the children around, or mow the lawn daily. Well this week, he has put forth our latest running challenge. Our neighborhood is sort of unique in that it's 3 blocks in each direction and then orchards, so has definite boundaries. Well off he went with GPS in hand to measure the perimeter.... 1.4 km. A nice easy evening stroll, or a fast jog! And the challenge is the fast jog. So off he goes EVERY night this week, and he's taken a minute off his time already!

Tonight was my first attempt at it. He gave me a half a block head start, and Ditto and I were off!! My left knee hurt, my right calf cramped, my breathing was OK. Two blocks went past. My right knee hurt, a car came I had to call the dog back and carried on... Kevin passed me on the last corner on the stretch heading for home, Ditto took off leaving me in the dust (we couldn't find the leash so took a black dog in the black night with a flashlight). I limped into the finish with a time just under 10 minutes! I won't tell you his time- he can keep his own blog! It's not long, it only feels that way. Hey it's better than nothing! My girl has a strengthening training, sit-ups and planks and push-ups plan laid out for me, but I have been sorely negligent! I did 2 days, and then I dropped out! But summer is calling- bikinis! It's 8 months away!!

I was kidding about the bikinis in case that got your heart rate up! Anyone else up for the challenge? Keep asking me how it's going, I work well under guilt!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Good for your Lizzie! Love your quiz - can I copy it?

erin said...

By the way, you said your time in the title. You just dropped out of the sit-ups/push-ups thing.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Didn't you read my blog on 3-Nov-08? No bikinis are required!!!!

Sandra said...

One foot in front of the other. Yay Linda!