Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Thoughts about Do-It-Yourselfing

Here's me texturing the ceiling! I like texture!
Yes I cut my head out on purpose. I'm looking a little yucky! :) and speckled...

You know that TV show "This is Daniel Cook"? I was thinking about that as I was texturing. "Here is Daniel Cook texturing a ceiling"..... My kids were a bit old when that show came out, but we've seen a few episodes. I like to see all the different things that Daniel gets to do and make a TV show about, what a great job! That kid has done it all!! What on earth is that boy going to do when he grows up?! He has done it all and nothing will be interesting, and he'll say "Done it". Maybe he won't, maybe he'll always be passionate about learning new things, I hope so. But it's exactly one reason why I didn't take me kids snowmobiling at age 6. I've seen it with my own eyes. There are kids that have done it all at an early age and by the time they get to be 15, they are looking for the next big thrill and it takes something a lot bigger to make the thrill than it will with my boy (at least that's my hope). I do think it might be part of why teens are looking for something more... they have it all.. they've tried it all... what more is there? Well let me tell you.... There is something more that can satisfy!

Anyways, I was thinking about some of my regular blog readers as I was texturing, you know because I was thinking about this post. I have a friend who doesn't think she can paint her own kitchen. NO - YOU CAN DO IT! Yes you can, it's not hard!! And another Mom I know has done some of her own plumbing, several times. It's amazing what you can learn on the internet! I learned how to change the toilet seal- that's under the toilet! Just an aside- that is a great way to get your toilet REALLY clean, just put the whole thing in the shower upside down. My other great do-it-yourself-er has a really great DAD who helps a lot. I'd like to have him around!! And I have another friend who would probably love to texture anything but maybe can't because her bossy body won't quite let her do it! If you lived a little closer, I promise I would come do it for you! And so I am thankful for all of our sweet differences, it's what makes us unique.

I guess I've always been a take charge kind of person, get it done girl! So I'm hoping this is all done before the carpet guy comes on Monday. Yes we are paying someone to lay the carpet, I can't quite kneel yet (Sorry God, my knee just isn't cooperating) and Kevin just doesn't want to. He's such a good man, he knows his limits. And he took the kids to Tim's for donuts so I could get this done tonight!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Good for you - make sure you post the final results. Did Kevin bring you a treat from Tim Hortons?

Kevin said...

Just for the record, I was forbidden to bring a treat back from Tim's.

Randi said...

Cute new blog background.

Way to go on the texture! I've never seen that show. I agree though ... there's so much satisfaction from figuring out how to do something and then completing the task!

Kirstin said...

Anyone wanna come to Ottawa nxt year, and show off their 'texturing' skills?!