Friday, November 14, 2008


I wish someone besides me would tell my boy that it's getting to be late fall and maybe it would be a good time to start wearing a coat, or pants, or socks, well actually here he is wearing socks. It has been dipping below zero at night!


Randi said...

He's a true Canadian.

Kirstin said...

ok, so don't tell Jacob that I almost never wear socks -- usually only Dec & Jan, and only when in public. ;0 (dang, moving back to Canada may extend that period...) So shorts in Nov may be pushing it...but there were *always* guys at U of A who'd wear shorts until there was permanent snow on the ground....and sometimes even afterwards. Randi's right: he's Canadian! ;)

[uh oh...we're not really giving you the ammo here that you need, are we?!]

Sandra said...

But is that tree out side of YOUR house?! What a perfect tree. And is it really that green? Now?

I am so moving to Kelowna.

Our guys are all doing the shorts/barefeet thing too, except that our trees are naked and there's two inches of snow on the ground.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Baby steps Mom - at least he's got socks on.