Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Hunting We Will Go

I think my total favorite tradition of Christmas is our annual Christmas tree hunt! It always proves to be a fun adventure, and it's just a great day spend together with family. Cam and Tracy were along this year. We headed up some forestry roads with our winter tires on. We haven't had much snow in town yet this year, but in the hills there was a bit more. We searched and searched for a tree in the forest with no success, so we went back to the vehicles and got our fire going and loaded up on hot dogs, hot chocolate and s'mores.

The kids found a perfect sledding spot so stayed there a little,
while the adults searched around some more for the perfect tree.

The fog was thick and was coming and going throughout the afternoon. We didn't come away empty handed (like last year where we ended up buying I think our first tree ever!)

Tracy is such a tree hugger!

Ditto was so exhausted he was almost asleep before we got the van started. It might be because he dragged our tree at least 500 meters out of the bush for us :) You might have to check out my girl's blog for video footage!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

So fun. No flaming RVs this year?

Sandra said...

What a cool day. Fog and everything! You should write a book on creative parenting/befriending, my friend. You're very good at this gig.

Randi said...

I absolutely love that tradition! It looked amazing. I wish I could be there.