Friday, November 21, 2008

Is God a Mammal?

So in response to the probing questions of so many readers.... I think I said something like this, " God is bigger than any classification system that man has developed. He is the one who created all the things on the earth and we are the ones trying to figure them out, but He knows each thing intimately, inside and out. Jesus was a mammal and made Himself just like us for awhile so He could really know what it was like to be one of us and to help us become all that we were created to be. But God isn't confined to a body, He is a Spirit, He is pure and can be everywhere at one time, so it wouldn't work for Him to be in a body. He's way too big! He's more like the wind in the trees, you can see Him moving and what He does, but you can't actually see His face. You can feel Him and sometimes even hear Him inside you, breathing life and ideas and comfort to you. But He can also be everywhere at one time, His mind must be really GIGANTIC to fit all of that information in it, and His heart so BIG that everyone He loves is inside at the same time. And He knows what we're all doing, and thinking and feeling all the time. That would be much bigger than a mammal.

I think the answer was sufficient at the time for my boy, but it still makes you wonder.... and ponder... how amazing and full HE IS! How above and beyond what our small minds can conceive.... how intricately designed our world and bodies are that they all fit together and work together....
"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made"