Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

It's always a good time to stop the stress of life and pull some good pranks. Sort of didn't think about it until 10:00 last night, but my boy has some blue toe nails that he hasn't noticed yet. Erin was awake still so we couldn't paint the mustache on that we had planned or the tattoos. Jacob woke up with the mustache drawing and was very insulted, but also half asleep. Good thing I did check my alarm clock last night because someone had changed the time to an hour ahead!! I wonder how the kids will like the aluminum foil layer in the their sandwiches at lunch.

We got pranked too with pee (yellow water) on the toilet seat, frogs jumping down the hallway, the sound of my pants ripping when I bent over to pick up a loonie on the floor, dogs in the bed, and spoons not coming out of the drawer.

Any other good ones out there in your day?


Randi said...

I can always trust your family to pull off some good pranks. Sounds like your kids were busy! Can't believe you painted the toenails while Boy was sleeping - so funny!

Real frogs?

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Are you kids researching for days to get these ideas?

Linda said...

Not real frogs!

erin said...

you still didnt get the computer one, and there was no tinfoil in my sandwich, that was MY idea to put it on jacobs sandwich =)

and yea, we were searching for days!

Kirstin said...

you guys are awesome!