Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cake Boss

Erin has been experimenting with fondant icing! She's loves the "Cake Boss". I've only tried fondant once, so I'm SUPER impressed with her initiative and results. She's working me right out of a job, making her own birthday cake while I'm at work! Cute hey!

Then she used some of the leftover fondant to make this soccer cake for our start of summer soccer team party! Jacob added some goal posts. Kevin made the invites for this party and wondered AFTER the party was over WHY he made it so long, and a lot of the boys couldn't make it.

She finally had a few girls over to celebrate her very belated birthday party. June has just been way too crazy to find a weekend that was free.

A late night snack for the girls who stayed to watch movies was the only part of the party I had to do this year! What on earth is happening to my motherhood job?? All I did for the soccer party was get out some paper plates and ketchup. I guess I should be thankful I've taught them so well :)


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Those cakes look amazing Erin.

Randi said...

Great job, Erin!