Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My boy has such a soft spot for little kids. He is so great with them and has had a lot of people comment at how patient and caring he is with younger ones. I think he'd make a great teacher one day. The cutest little 5 year old boy (he's probably almost as cute as Luke Dukes) gets babysat across the street and rides the bus home with Jacob and is often at the door asking to play, who is always obliging. Today as we drove in from Costco, he runs over to ask Jacob could he please borrow J's mini bike. "Of course you can", and as he's walking in, Jacob says, "Who can turn down such a cute little guy like him?" It was such a grown up comment and so sweet! As soon as he had the groceries carried in, he was out there himself :)

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Randi said...

I love that tender heart. It's an amazing quality, especially in a young man.

And Luke will love his shout out. :)