Friday, June 4, 2010

Gratitude Friday

I will try be thankful, it'll be good for my soul:
148. my children
149. I'm not very thankful for it, but it's raining again today. I know that it's so in August our hillside doesn't look like this

that's smoke not cloud!

150. 12 more days of lunches to make for 2,
then 4 more days for 1 boy
151. shoes and jewelry have been bought for the grade 9 grad, we're all set!
152. that my body felt good running today after fighting against different ailments for weeks
153. the tall wavy grass along my walking route
154. that tomorrow is always a new day

I can't get very far in my list, but I tried.. today was not a good day......

..........I just couldn't post this last night. The day was one where we both just were about done with it all. Hitting the bottom of feeling like we know what to do next. Not feeling like God was giving any answers, but to just keep trusting that He is all we need.

But today is a new day!!! I didn't realize the power of those words I wrote yesterday!
Thank you Lord. Kevin's license to work cross border was approved Thursday (and they just told us today)!!!! After 3 months of waiting for that, not knowing for sure if it would actually happen, and wondering if we should wait or pursue other options, feeling like if it wasn't approved we would have waited all in vain. Then having another option fall flat in our faces yesterday and me feeling totally burnt out. Always God's timing is perfect. So I will be thankful that we are all healthy and strong, and have faith and love and maybe now even a JOB!!! Start date TBA....


Randi said...

I SOOO hope the job things pans out in no time at all. I can't imagine how you guys are holding up and trying to remain patient and hopeful in the midst of such a frustrating time.

And a little aside ... make your kids make their own lunches. :)

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

So I'm confused. He has the license but maybe not a job??