Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grade 9 Grad

What a fantastic day! It started out with getting flowers - it's not every day I get flowers, and they weren't even from my mother or my husband! What a TOTAL surprise!
Thanks you know who you are!

She was lovely!

A dear friend sent a corsage that was so perfect and her favorite shades of blue.
It ended up in her hair, I knew you wouldn't mind! She was afraid of smashing the orchids.

I know... I'm sorry about bragging on my kids so much lately.... but Erin received an award for the top mark in the school on the Pascal math exam- the 25 top math students wrote this national exam. Plus she got a medal from the University of Waterloo, who hosts the contest, for being in the top 20% of students that took the test nation-wide. She ranked 2900 out of 26,000 top math students in the country. My nerdy husband graphed it on a bell curve. She was so embarrassed, but proud of herself too!!
Poor girl, beating out all those boys.

What a gorgeous bunch of young ladies!


Randi said...

Erin, you're awesome. We're so proud of you!

cathys said...

Hi Linda, Thank you for sharing the link. What a nice feeling to be proud of our kids ... there are so many special times and moments to enjoy. Erin is beautiful!!! Congratulations Erin. Bye for now, Cathy

cathys said...

Hi Linda, Thank you for sharing the link. How proud can we be .... our kids create such special moments and times for us. Erin is beautiful. Hard to believe she is in High School already. Bye for now,

Kirstin said...

Congratulations Erin! Not only for grad-ing, but for your Math success too! Excellent. The pictures are beautiful -- and Erin looks very beautiful (both with orchid on wrist and in hair -- great idea!)....
and, I must say...Ditto is looking not too shabby for the occasion either! ;p (I love that shot!!)

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Wow Erin! Congratulations. You couldn't look more beautiful.