Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gratitude Monday

I haven't worked on my list every week. Being thankful, trying to find joy in the small things. Life sometimes takes over, it squishes out time to reflect and pray, it makes other activities seem more important than they are, it presses down with worries and concerns that matter and some that don't. The busyness of a day sometimes can't be avoided, but in some ways I can always find time to look up and see His face, if I'm looking.

155. the gorgeous sunset
156. fondant cakes
157. thunderstorms that haven't created any lightning struck fires but bring glory in their sound and energy
158. 2 more school days for my boy
159. working with my best girl Jan this weekend, she's the one who encouraged me to apply for the home care job where she also works. We rarely work together, but this weekend we even cared for the same dying woman together. She's is such a much better palliative nurse than me! And we had sushi for lunch!
160. a fun birthday party for my 15 year old, when I was so worried how it would all go
161. being reminded that sometimes things happen because there is a battle going on in this world and someone is fighting against us.
162. seeing other people's lives circling out of control and breathing a sigh of relief that I was raised with simple common sense. Lots of questions of how to care for this girl whose life is unraveling. My caring husband helping her feel a bit more safe we hope.
163. sunshine and cherries getting red and juicy!!
164. pizza
165. one 12 year old boy we're trying to love who spent some time over here on the weekend, and my funny girl who changed his cell phone "desktop" display from "I kick a--" to " I kiss puppies"

holy experience


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Good list. Have you been working a lot? I bought some cherries this week. Yum!

Randi said...

Those are great things.

erin said...

why were you worried about my birthday?