Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Bye Ellison

We've had so many occasions lately, I think we've had cake every day this week it seems.
Yesterday was the celebration for Jacob's year end. He's moving up to middle school in September. I'll miss the school and the wonderful community that it is. We had a fun ceremony, pizza lunch and the kids had an afternoon dance ~ which Jacob said was boring. I think he and his friends went outside to play soccer. I'm so good with that! The teachers said something about each student, what their strengths are and something about who they are as a person. We just adore Jacob's teacher and have known him for about 5 years, he's such a strong academic and has a HUGE love of sports - they've watched world cup games during breaks for 2 weeks. What a fantastic role model he's been for all the boys (and girls too, but I love having men teaching in elementary with all the single parents homes there are).

It's blurry.. I'm not a photographer... you can tell how much Jacob likes standing in front of people receiving praise... as much as some other people in this family.
Mr. Drew even got recognition for coming in and drawing these sillouettes of all the grade 6's and he wouldn't stand up.

Off to the last day of school!!! YIPPEE!!!


Randi said...

I can't believe summer is just starting for you guys. Hope it's a great one!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Congrats Jacob. I like the silhouette idea. It looks great.

Kevin said...

If they would have told me why I was standing up, I might have done it. For all I know they were going to make me do the Makarena (which I don't do by the way).