Sunday, March 6, 2011

4th Place

I watched 14 sets of volleyball this weekend from a hard seat.  My butt is killing, but to find something I am thankful for in that, it's my extra padding and the fact that I don't have to watch either of my kids play hockey in a cold arena!  Our team was ranked 14th going into the weekend, and came out 4th place out of 34 teams.  That is a shocking victory!  And well deserved. We ended up matched against the Kelowna "A team" after the round robin, which is too bad, except we creamed them 25-14 in the first set, and 25-22 in the 2nd.  Who says we're the "B" team. That was the sweet victory, there's some pretty healthy competition between the 2 teams.  We were down 2 strong players with sickness and injury, so the girls died in the bronze medal match at the end of day 2.  So forgive me if I go a little crazy on the video clips for the Grammas (and KK) OK maybe for myself.  Erin is #7, middle blocker, here's a sweet block and dainty little tip.

The first one our team is on the far side, the 2nd one, on this side of the net.  They have the same uniforms, go figure. Kelowna vs. Kelowna