Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bright Spots

Some bright spots in my week:

1. Could I be any more proud? God was smiling down on her the day He imagined her into my womb, to be blessed with so many amazing talents - and we got to be the recipients of the blessing too. What an amazing surprise she is!  Our girl wrote the Caley math exam and got the highest mark in the school 106/120.  When 2 teachers tell you her name came up at the staff meeting (for good reasons) in a school of 1300, you've got to be proud.  Thought Auntie K. would want to know :)
2. Breakfast with a friend and our Moms
3. Lunch with 2W nurses, what a great group of women to work with!
4. Tulips poking up!!! Spring is breaking out of its icy robes!
5. New photos up on my dining room wall, I love that my husband gets as bored as I do and likes to changes things around now and then... oh ya and takes the amazing shots in the first place.
6. Sleeping in 'til 10am.  Oh it's been so long!  Your turn will come young Moms!!
7. Using part of our youth auction big spend last night on a date.  I just couldn't keep my hand down from bidding up some awesome items!  I "won" Hockey night in Kelowna which included a limo ride from home to the Manhattan Point restaurant, then club seat tickets to the hockey game.  We only used the hockey tickets last night, since they'll let us save the rest for a later date which I have plans for already.  I also won 2 silent auction items - a hair cut at a downtown salon for $20!  And 10 lattes for $10.  What were people thinking not bidding me up on those?
8. Supermoon
9.  I totally love this!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Way to go Erin. Ok, I love that video too. I may have to post it myself.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Did you read the comments on this video? Do you think it could be a made-up story?