Friday, March 18, 2011

A Family Affair

With the onset of my girl playing volleyball, the boy has become more interested.  KD promises he isn't purposely influencing his children to play the sports he loves to watch, but it's happening anyways.  With the suspected height in the family, you might as well start with something you'll have potential in. 

Oh it's fun to see the differences between boys and girls (and ages). Girls are so technical and perfect in skill, boys are all about power and the big plays.  Even the way they teach things and name things makes me chuckle.  "Super Spike" for Jacob was last weekend with some serious warm up tunes.  The girls never have music.  But really they should.  We're thinking of making a warm up "tape", OK digital file (what era am I in anyways?)

Jake is #9, oh they are too cute!
I offered to help with score keeping because the team needs volunteers, and really how hard can it be?   I was expecting a few spaces to fill in the score and player names, but got this:
 We even got in trouble for too much chatting at the table from the ref. when we missed one of his calls.  Oops!  What are Moms on the bench for other than cheering and bringing snacks? 

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