Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chaos... Kaos and Protein Shakes

The week was chaos.  Thursday I was home for 45 minutes between work and running soccer tryouts, which were every night this week.  Trying to slow down and talk with palliative clients, not cough on them, while my mind was racing in a million other directions. We drove to Burnaby yesterday afternoon with the volleyball team - Kelowna Kaos, had the most amazing sushi dinner box in Chilliwack, if you're ever passing through - amazing, best I've had, definitely you need to SHARE it.  One of the girls Dad's is some sort of karate master and whipped up protein, vitamin shakes for them all for breakfast. 
So I'll be sitting in a gym and cheering all day.  I'll keep you posted!!  Looking forward to some down time later, reading this and this.  I find it a little strange staying in a hotel room alone.  My boys aren't here and the girls are all staying together giggling and overflowing the hot tub.

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Have fun. Are you feeling better?