Saturday, March 19, 2011

"the Puberty"

It's hit the house big time!  Oh the mood swings, the tired, achy can't get out of bed mornings for my forever, since birth, 6 am morning boy. The frowned, grumpy, one word answers and emotional melt downs over homework. We're fast approaching the big 13 and it seems that we're into a growth spurt or some sort of major hormonal moment, well pretty much whole week, of course while Gramma was visiting.  She was pleasantly reminded of the joys of the grade 7 boys she raised.  All I can say is spring break was a week too late around here, but Hallelujah that it is finally here, and the weather has that fresh, get outside feeling, so that the street tonight was filled with boys playing basketball and hockey and a group of girls giggling down the road.  A fresh sight to sore eyes that have been hiding for the months huddling up under quilts and eating breakfast sitting on the heat vents. 

I'm praying the break gives a little bounce in the step and lightness of mood, maybe a few trips for ice cream, a day at the wave pool, some evening skiing, some lazy sleep-in mornings, coffee with friends and kids, and NO LUNCHES to be packed!  Yippee!! 
We're babysitting this cutie pie for a few days, she's a lot bigger now, should prove very entertaining.  Time to send the kids out in the yard for a winter's worth of poop pick-up! But, I think maybe we'll wait til Monday.

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

The "P" word. Prayers for Linda and KD.