Wednesday, April 16, 2008

21 days and Counting

The count down is on for the 10th birthday! I have already stalked Randi's post from her 10th party, but am now on the prowl for ideas. My baby is into double digits. I think parenting is just a downward slide from here. I might just start having empty nest if I think about that now! I am planning ahead which I am usually good at, except last year it was all last minute. We bought this last night, since Costco had only 2 left. The kids have seen it so we'll have to come up with some great way of making it the birthday gifts, since they are only 3 weeks apart! We've been discussing it all week and Daddy caved! Sort of like how he caved about the dog, which yesterday I was not so happy about when he knocked down and licked my new friend's 3 year old on the ground who is already terrified of dogs. I thought he was locked up, Kevin accidentally let him out not knowing there was a 3 year old in the sandbox. Not a good first coffee impressiong over at my house. She phoned later and said it was all fine! She's a keeper!! Knowing I was stressing about it all day after they left she called to calm ME down. I needed a Starbuck's that day.


The Dukes Family said...

I understand your dog woes ... our 72 pound bulldog is not the most graceful thing.

The pool looks great - you'll have so much fun!

Can't wait to see what you do for the big ten bash!

Sandra said...

You are the funnest family ever!