Monday, April 14, 2008

I know I haven't blogged for a week!

Things have been happening... busy family life, house projects, start up of soccer, issues with kids, my Mom visiting, track and field starting, soccer team photos, joined a new Bible study... you know how it goes. The good part is I have a master "To Do" list and lots of things are getting crossed off. I bought a new compost bin and that's pretty exciting for me. So my mind is starting to churn of all the gardening things I want to do. The past 2 years, barely just maintenance happened because of me being in school and starting back to work, but now I'm getting more balanced again. There's so much joy in looking out every day to see what new greens are popping up. That makes me smile today! So does this picture... Can't wait for 50 years of marriage to wake up to this every morning :)

Boys fooling around

My boy and his partner at the Hot Shots contest- they came in 2nd

My new hydrangea waiting to be planted outside, and mostly
this is to show you my new baseboards- in the whole upstairs!!
The grey bedroom photo didn't turn out, so I'll have to get Kevin to take
one for you Tara, or you can see it in May.

Puppy, well not so puppy anymore will be going to obedience soon, but this it pretty good!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Way to go Jacob...and Ditto! Can't wait to see the room. Nice sewing machine too.

The Dukes Family said...

Finally, a new post! That's awesome, Jacob! Way to go! Sounds like you've been really busy around there. Love your hydrangea.