Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Because of the similarity in names, between erin and errand, it has become a family joke that I am either running "Erin's'" or "Jacob's". Really try saying errand with lots of emphasis on the D and make it not sound like erins. So depending on who I am running for, the errand can be called different things around here. (Yes I had to use their actual names for this post). So this morning was full of erins, jacobs, kevins, and all sorts of other errands that don't fit anyone, like buying stamps and windshield washer fluid, and returning cleats that don't fit (I guess that's a "Kevin") and looking after stuff for our stuff, to organize stuff, or clean it, or move it around... that is material for another post I think.

Jacob has issues with his clothing! I am just happy that this year he decided that underwear was a good thing to wear. Last year he moved up to socks after one of the boys in his class pointed out that the room smelled so bad because of Jacob's feet sweating barefoot in his shoes. I could have kissed Blake for the comment that I had been struggling to deal with for over a year, it all changed overnight. So underwear was a good next step. I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous that I would let my child leave home at 8 years old with no socks or underwear, but it wasn't always a battle I always wanted to fight, but happy it's over. .... and it has made me much less critical of the way other parents have had to parent their specific children, because they are all soooo different. You just don't know what anyone else is dealing with. It really is an amazing thing! But frustrating at 8 am when it's time to leave for school and this morning, the clothes just don't feel quite right! So my initial mission was to find a hoodie (also known as a kangaroo jacket, a hooded sweatshirt, an Australian jumper) because that is the clothing of choice for the weather at present-- too warm for a jacket-- too cool for just a t-shirt. And he has 2 but they are both filthy and 3 would be much better so I wouldn't have to do wash every 2nd day. They REALLY need to be washed after 1 wearing, again, this is a unique child. So I came home with a black one, thinking it may hide the dirt more :) You get out running around and more and more things pop into your head, oh I'll just stop here and pick up whatever.... So I came home from the Sport Chek tent sale with 2 pairs of shoes, 2 t-shirts (matching for father/son nice touch eh?), and 2 long sleeved items for the father, since he also needs me to dress him, all for $50! What a deal! It was buy one get one free.

Sorry for my ramblings, I know it's just details of someone else's mundane life, but maybe good for a chuckle. So next time you're out on some errands, maybe you can call them something else because they are for someone you care about.

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I guess I need to run some "tara's" today.