Sunday, April 6, 2008

a fun Saturday

OK, she posted her comments on the big day so now I can do mine :)
We had a fun day watching a hunter/jumper show- a new experience for all of us. Gramma and Del happened to be in town and Auntie Tracy came out to watch too, so it was quite exciting. There was a few slight hints of snobbery, but for the most part we felt like it really was a relaxing and fun environment. We were there early grooming Robbie to gleaming perfection and doing a lot of warm-up riding mostly to tire him out so he would be more lazy than speedy when it came time to ride (he still wanted to do a little running right past the judges at the wrong time), but also to calm the panic that was setting in. I thought that was it for her, but she got him under control and slowed him down and did a beautiful ride for the rest which was much shorter than she was anticipating. Funny how that anticipation is sometimes scarier than the actual thing. We all get that don't we?

A little pre-show nerves that were settled by her wonderful coach. Thanks Karen.

Isn't she SO CUTE in her little show jacket (borrowed) and
riding boots (last year's Christmas present)? Almost perfect posture.

This is my fave, looks like a lazy day stroll except for the fact of what she's wearing.

Can you imagine getting on this big guy?

My boy having a little fun that day too. Lots of things to climb and explore.


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I absolutely love that 3rd photo with the green fence. Great job Erin!

The Dukes Family said...

Stunning pictures. Good for you, Erin!