Saturday, June 7, 2008

Birthday Party for Real

Friday night was the big party!
The girls came over and "hung out" for 6 hours. Unfortunately, it was too cool to pool.

We had a dinner of all my girl's favorites- turned out we had a lot of meat... hmmm.... garlic ribs, sweet and sour pork, and chicken kabobs. We gave the girls pedicures. If you ever want to try this, it feels so good!! After soaking your feet in a hot tub of sudsy water or whatever, convince someone to give you a foot massage, and then load up on your favorite lotion. Then put your feet in plastic bags and then into fuzzy socks, wait 20 min. and you'll have the softest feet ever! Then it's always good to run around the neighborhood barefoot in the rain :)

Since the weather was looking not so good in the morning, my girl and I decided to
prepare a craft for them to do. It's totally right out of the 70's!
You probably remember making these yarn octopuses.

(she hates this photo- just to let you know)

The patio was all decorated with candles and lanterns, but all my nighttime photos look dumb and Kevin didn't take any even though he probably knows how to make night time settings look cool.

It's so easy when the birthday girl picks out the recipe for her own cake. This one is stacked ice cream sandwiches with whipped cream in between. Took about 5 minutes and it was amazing!

OK where is the birthday girl?

OK now she's there to blow out the candles and everyone else is doing their own thing.

Every girl's first dozen roses should be from her Daddy.

We had a prayer of blessing for our girl as she enters into a new phase of life - being a teenager. She had lots of brilliant words and cards from friends and family and lots of encouragement for her life journey. We are so thankful for the people in her life that love,
pray and care about her besides us.


Randi said...

The decorations look so pretty - love all the candlelight. It looked like a lot of fun! I love that Erin's first dozen roses were from Kevin ... that's so great.

Sandra said...

You are the coolest family anywhere--ever!

May "your girl" mark the world with her joy, her compassion, and with the tender grace of Jesus!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

What a neat party? She looks so grown up. I love the rose thing too.

Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson said...

The candles and lamps and roses all look so beautiful. Yeah for celebrating each other and life!
Yeah for Erin and her fam!