Thursday, June 5, 2008

Can you Tell I'm fed up?

The beast is combing the rooms for something to pick up, something to chew on with his big white jaws. Something, anything to destroy and leave lying desperate in a million pieces! Maybe Daddy's sunglasses that have been replaced already once, maybe a scrap of paper, someone's homework, my garden tools, a paintbrush, a sock. One of his personal favorites this week is bone meal fertilizer. The beast can make toothpicks out of any odd 2 by 4 that happens to be within reach of the powerful jaws. Nothing can be left below waist level; it's like having an inquisitive, destructive toddler in the house. A toddler you can't catch, a toddler much faster than you. My loving and patient husband warns again about making the spread sheet of cost analysis- all straight losses as a result of man's best friend, which has become only kids' best friend.

My great wisdom rears it's thrifty head. Why spend $17.00 on a muzzle, the anti-chew device I think will calm my frayed nerves! After comparison shopping at 2 places, all it is is a piece of mesh, some velcro, and a strap. All these things easily found in my sewing basket. Home I go to spend a quick 45 minutes on the task at hand!

After 10 minutes of various attempts to remove it, I remain the victor! He succumbs to the humilition!! Oh the trauma! He won't even come, he's hiding in absolute embarrassment! Doesn't he like the fashion colors? The modern looking design? Oh the poor beast!


Randi said...

Love the polka dot muzzle! Poor Ditto ... but poor you even more. We can relate. Baxter is a TERROR these days ... not chewing but doing other things. We're thankful he has a relatively short life span.

Sandra said...

YOU are brilliant!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

You crack me up. If only you could reason with a dog. I guess it would be like convincing a baby how great sleep is??