Saturday, June 7, 2008

This week in the Garden

I had started this post because so much was blooming this week, but hadn't had a chance to get out and take the photos. This morning it is a little overcast, but I took them anyways. Last night we celebrated my girl's birthday for real, not like the bust it was last weekend on her real day. I think she had fun. It wasn't hot and sunny enough to go in the pool, but my prayers were answered and it didn't start pouring rain until about 9 pm. Thanks God. So, I was busy getting ready for the party most of yesterday. The patio lights looked so pretty once the sun went down.

Flowers make me happy! They are so amazing in such a small, little thing. But they are all so different, it can only be because our God is so amazing and so caring in every detail, even rain at birthday parties. They bring me joy to many a boring and mundane day.

My clematis is climbing, just wait until it blooms!! I love the arbor Kevin built for me!
Such a perfect frame for this perfect vine!

This blue thing that I can't remember the name and it's driving me crazy! I like knowing all the names of the plants and flowers! Cute little "hen with some chicks" beside it.

Soapwort. a hearty and profusely blooming rockcress.

Lupins! Love the lupins!

Hostas are looking amazing!

Apple tree got planted... no more life from the old tree

Columbine- not the high school shooting! These are so amazing but not until you look at them from underneath. They hang over like a bluebell.
Is this blurry? or is just my eyes?

Stop and smell some roses today, or other flowers :)
Maybe some sweet peas, they smell the best!


Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson said...

ok fellow flower-lover -- wanna know the coolest thing about columbines? 'Columba' is latin for 'dove' -- which is why this flower was traditionally a symbol for the Holy Spirit. Gently pull off one of the petal-pieces, and hold it so that the wider, open part is 'sitting' on your hand. See how it looks like a dove? with the narrow bit rising up into a beak?
Now in England they call the same flower 'Aquilegea'. 'Aquilla' is latin for 'eagle'. Flip your dove upside-down, and voila: an eagle's talon.
Cool, huh?! (couldn't resist -- now to bed!)

Randi said...

It looks beautiful!

Sandra said...

First: I'd stop to smell some flowers if there were any growing in the frigid land of Alberta! I won't see sweet peas for another month!

Second: I love Kirstin's heads-up about the Columbine. I can't wait to try that tomorrow. :)