Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thrills and Spills

I love the different ideas people come up with to blog about!! So here's one I'm copying from Brie.

5 Thrills:

1. I have successfully ridden a cow backwards, this was right before ME greasing up a small piglet and chasing it around an arena with 75 screaming boys! This also happened to be the first time my in-laws saw me! Great first impressions!! We weren't dating yet, but Kevin's brother was also involved in the pigging. Good ol' Pioneer.

2. Taking my first helicopter ride over the cliffs and waterfalls of Hawaii.

3. Flying (well my hands on the "student steering wheel" while the pilot still had control) a 6 seater Cessna over the biggest flock of flamingos you could ever imagine in Zambia.

4. Holding each of my babies for the first time!

5. Walking down the aisle at my wedding.

5 Spills:

1. Standing on the edge of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. They aren't so up on safety or fencing there and I had a bit of a slip, any much more and I would have been OVER.

2. This one involved my 18 month old daughter. She was pushed by another 2 year old down the stairs from the top of a very steep (those in-fill type stairways) 15 or more stairs to a stone hearth of a fireplace at the bottom. I saw it from the corner of my eye and was across the room and caught her just as everyone else in the room noticed that she was falling. Call it mother's intuition, I call it a miracle!!

3. Pulling my boy around on skates when he was trying to learn, only to be pulled too hard by him from behind my waist and landing my whole weight right on his stomach and chest! I think I cried longer than he did.

4. Learning to waterski on a nice little inlet on the Pacific Ocean. Can you say enema?

5. Literally a spill, peeing my pants at high school youth group one night because we were laughing so hard. OK I made it half way to the bathroom. How embarrassing!

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Randi said...

Love that so much ... I'm definitely going to do it although I don't know if mine will be even half as good as yours! I didn't even know some of those facts about you ... what a fun post!