Saturday, June 21, 2008

Did I really Sigh that Loudly?

I guess I have taken to sighing lately. Several times in the last while, I have been caught in a deep sigh. Today's was what to make for dinner that won't ensue complaining and that everyone might like a little bit and will be slightly nutritional. Honestly I don't put up with complaining about food, it is one of those things that really bother me. My kids have not yet heard the end of the poor starving children in Africa, but when you've seen them with your own eyes, the crusts pulled off the bread really become a bigger reality. So after another eye roll, here goes Mom talking about the starving children. I think I just want to take them there. Really they do understand. They remember our trip to Mexico to help people and feed homeless. But we are coming to the end of the school year and lunches are getting BORING for us all, and supper times not much better..

Another sigh ensued after a glance across the living room to see the piles of dust collecting across the top of the piano. It will never end. But, some days the work of a housewife just seems relentless. After scrubbing some near mold off the toilet bowl, which hadn't been cleaned since pre-my mother's visit in early June, it did feel good to accomplish a task. So I try to turn it around in my mind instead of doing that which I detest and complain. I am thankful. Thankful for the ability to work. Thankful for busy children that can run and get dirty and bring it in my house. Thankful that my hands work. Thankful that I can scratch my nose, something my own father could not do. Thankful that I can see the beauty in the little things around me. Thankful that I have choices.

Tomorrow will bring another big sigh, not just to me but Kevin too. At around 2:00, soccer season will be done until September. The coach has done well, his boys love him, think he's totally cool, and have learned and improved their skills amazingly well! And won most of their games! Good job love! We're all ready for a break, to turn off our brains and enjoy some sun! Love our friends, swim in our new pool and maybe read some light fiction... any suggestions? Mine is "The Shack"- a compelling story of grace and interestingly fresh theology.

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Sandra said...

Somebody said, "Keeping house is like stringing beads on a strand with no knot on the end." I echo your sigh and love your beautiful reach for joy. :)

Great reads: The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Nighttime, Belong to Me, The Memory Keeper's Daughter, The Glass Castle ('Can't wait to read this one to my they get why the breadcrusts and not complaining about food are SO important!)