Monday, June 2, 2008

Unconscious Teenager

Yesterday we officially, with nothing really official welcomed a teenager to our home. She already lives here, but now has reached the tender age of 13! It was intended to be a fun day of eating great meals, swimming in the pool, going for milkshakes, opening gifts, celebrating our girl, going for dinner and having family around for cake in the evening. This was how I had it in my head... oh expectations!

We started out on a bad note with rain coming down, oh well, find something else to do. We had my girl's favorite breakfast crepes, strawberries and whip cream, with a birthday twist-- ice cream instead. The boy turned more into a soup, but that the way he likes it. I'm just happy to see him using utensils in the photo!

We lazed around and celebrated things she loves with some gifts from Grandparents and family. She is loving her set of vintage melamine bowls that double as measuring cups. So cute! Note my boy with his puffy eyes from some weird allergic reaction Saturday.

Gramma, my girl and I decided to go do some girl type shopping since there wasn't much else we could think of to fill the afternoon. We ended up coming home with some fabric and patterns that will be interesting... My girl wants me to attempt to make her a swimsuit! After a few outings in the past few weeks to attempt to find a somewhat modest, but sporty swim suit, we have come home empty handed, so this is the latest entertainment!! She's sort of in between girls size 14 and women's size 3 - so what to do that's not 2 triangles held together with string?? Anyways, total aside..

Then the excitement began. We were sitting down watching a movie, the 6th in the Janette Oke Love Comes Softly series- how can you go wrong on a Sunday afternoon?? VERY mild movie- going entertainment. The young lady in the movie is an aspiring doctor in a small town and had a young patient rushed in that had stopped breathing. They were going to have to perform some sort of surgery to open her throat! The girl is squeamish at the best of times, and decided to leave the room for this part. Kevin called to her that they showed nothing, it was over, and she could come back in now--- and she didn't respond. After calling a few more times, he ran to the hall to see her collapse to the floor. So we all come running and find her unresponsive. (All medical training at this point leaves my brain). She sort of arouses and sits up and I start talking to her and she is says a few words looks glazed, turns totally white/grey, her eyes roll back into her head and she goes limp. At this point I tell Kevin to phone 911 because I think she has started to seizure and am worried about her airway (so I had some Airway, Breathing, Circulation-- ABC running through my head). She is totally unresponsive, her pulse is 60 and she is so white. It probably was only several seconds until she comes around and thinks she has fallen asleep. Kevin hands me the phone to talk to 911, and they ask all the questions and say someone is on the way. After a few minutes pass, we have her onto the bed, she is shaky and pale, but feeling fine. She doesn't want paramedics!! Things settle a bit back to normal and I think, OK we don't need a troop of paramedics because they're not going to rush her anywhere. So what to do??? They still aren't showing up, so I phone 911 again and explain that we've just called and we don't really need them anymore. They were totally great and the ambulance wasn't too close yet, so they'll turn them around if we feel like that's OK. After a bunch more questions, we're good. Poor girl. Maybe the ice cream for breakfast and root beer floats in the afternoon, coupled with a few too many late nights, a "scary" movie, and who knows what else caused the unconscious spell, but we'll be keeping an eye on things the next few days.

So she has a long rest and we decide that we still should go for dinner, since she's feeling quite a bit better. After a stop at our girl's choice of restaurant only to find a 30 minute wait, we decide on mediocre Chinese buffet. At least we could eat right away, because by this point we were all very hungry!

We come home for cake and Uncle Cam and Auntie Tracy giving lots of love and attention and then straight to bed.

Not what we planned for the amazing occasion of turning 13, but we have a memorable story and a chance to make it right on Friday!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Yowza! Glad she's okay. Happy Belated Birthday littlecanadiangirl!!

Randi said...

Wow! I can't believe she passed out. Do you think she's really okay? Happy Birthday, Teenager!!

Sandra said...

Ohm'gosh, sweet girl!
Be well, all.