Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December 1st

I love Christmas! Let me say that again, I love Christmas! Today is December 1st, I have NOT gotten even started on my Christmas cards or baking, but am about 75% done my shopping. I like to have all that done so I can just sit and enjoy the season, not feel stress and think about Jesus, advent and the coming. I'd love to hear about some of your advent traditions...

We went to an amazing play downtown on Sat. night and it was so refreshing, a wonderful portrayal of an old small town church Christmas pageant and how one family of 5 rowdy kids wanted to be a part of the play this year and how it changed everything about the way they "had always done it". It was so cute, all children actors and my kids thought it was great! The "angel of the LORD" kept changing her lines thinking "unto you a child is born" just wasn't enough to get the shepherds to where they were going!! They needed a lot more instruction.

Most of all, it really got me in the Christmas spirit thinking about how that one little baby actually did change things, and what it all means. One little baby sure changed our house when she arrived, and so did #2, but baby Jesus changed more than just 1 household! If He becomes part of your home, it's like the way a baby changes it all and makes it different. Yes there are more responsibilities, and some sleepless nights, lots of worry, and prayers, but also MORE JOY than you'll ever know! More giggles and love and fullness!


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I love it too!!!!