Monday, January 4, 2010

Gratitude in the Post Christmas Blues

holy experience

It seems Monday's aren't always the easiest days to be thankful... maybe that is why it's the best day to do this... I hope you're getting back to normal too.... I'm thankful for...

41. family Christmas memories
42. big, juicy snow flakes falling lightly all day making me slow down and enjoy
43. getting organized ~ new rubbermaid bins! Yes, I fell prey to the predictable January sales.
44. children that woke up on time for the first day back to school
45. whoopie pies
46. a husband who stood in the long return line at Costco today
47. a strong, healthy, beautiful daughter who can hit a volleyball like nothing (practice started last night)
48. putting off organizing my month for another day since I couldn't find a calendar today that wasn't Hannah Montana, Jonas brothers, hot cars, or French impressionist paintings! I'm trying to be thankful about it, because I really like to have it sorted out! I'm kind of particular about my calendar, the U of A engineering calendar just won't suffice.
49. needle free carpets and clean sheets
50. a new niece or nephew due in 7 1/2 months!
51. snow tires
52. a few late Christmas letters arriving in the mail
53. boys who sleep in their beds after nights of sleeping with the dog in the fort that used every spare blanket in the house. Ahhh.. boyhood memories... and so happy to have it all put away too.
54. all functioning appliances and vehicles
55. attempting to anticipate more joy in 2010
56. more motivation today than I've had over the holidays :)
57. a really mellow, obedient dog since we came home, he must think he was punished by being sent to the Spotted Spa kennel for a week
58. fuschia Christmas cactus blooms
59. hearing about a friend's daughter who had heart surgery that went well!
60. happy kids coming home from school to rush out to play in snow!
61. knowing that where I am is not where I want to be, and looking to change it... but thankful for the experience of it to know the difference
62. a new globe, it's a great gift, thanks Mom

Ahh... that feels better!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Many good things - I love Rubbermaid tubs too.

Sandra said...

What's a "whoopie pie"?

Sandra said...

I love #61.

And a just-right calendar is imperative 'cause you've got to look at it every day. :)

Randi said...

Those are great things. I'm really picky about my calendar too. Which sibling is expecting???? (have I missed a major blog post?)