Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rockin' the 80's

You have to say "rockin" when you talk about the 80's. A friend of mine turned 30 this weekend! So young! She threw a "rockin" 80's party for her birthday (she was born in 1980, so I question the legitimacy of her claim on the 80's, but what a fun time!). We could tell from the costumes who had LIVED through the 80's and who had looked online to get 80's costume ideas. Those of us who have lived through them, actually have a few clothes that we pulled out of closets and accessorized with other items, like one guy wearing his "Grad '86" sweatshirt. Sweet! Remember, asymmetrical hair and I mean BIG HAIR, stirrup pants, tight gym shorts, spandex, BIG earrings, shaker knit sweaters, argyle, leg warmers? Some of these things can be seen at your local mall these days! It scares me.

The quote of the night was another girl who plays on our soccer team, who looked at Kevin's Sony Walkman strapped to his belt and said, "What IS that?". So young, only 24, only 10 years older than my girl. She can do a sweet slide tackle, but usually gets a penalty for it.
"What is that?" the comment totally made my day!

These 2 totally cracked me up... It was like Jane Fonda and her nerdy jock boyfriend.
The birthday girl with crimped hair and a digital read out belt!

I went as everyday preppy girl with my up-turned up collar and back teased hair; Kevin in a shirt he actually wore in jr. high, and our matching white Levi's 501's. That is not a shadow behind my head, it's all hair!

And kudos to the cake decorator!


Kevin said...

Totally Awesome!

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Randi said...

I don't remember big earrings. :)

I love seeing you guys dressed like that. The Walkman is the best! And Linda, your hair is awesome.