Friday, January 15, 2010

Lois Lane

... and I'm not talking Superman's girl.
KD and I had a free day together after a busy work week for me. One night was til after midnight, we nurses don't like when people get close to stopping breathing. Shift change doesn't seem to matter when someone's life is at risk. I'm sure that's how the rescue workers are feeling in Haiti today. I'll pray for strength for a lot of long work days for them!

Anyways, we decided to meander downtown for a walk along the lake. En route we were stopped by the sign for the "Lois Lane" shop we have wanted to see. It recently moved into a great new location. Kevin has been in before it moved and took this photo. I didn't see any heads today.

Everything is retro or reclaimed and interesting, a must see on your next visit to town (Tara). It is a big barn filled with antiques and neat stuff. The young, hip guy with bed head working there told us if we wanted to see the chairs upstairs, he would let us up, as he made a motion of opening an attic door with his arm. We took that invitation gladly, with Kevin's love of chairs, and climbed the attic stairs through the ceiling into the loft filled, literally, to the rafters with chairs, every kind of chair. KD left his camera in the van, so no head shots today. Lois herself was there and told us she could make any of the furniture red that we wanted, because she says, everyone needs red! I was already awe-ing over a cherry red chair by the door.
A fun way to spend a morning!!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I love places like that.

Sandra said...

But the heads are creepy, right? It's not just me?

Randi said...

Sounds so fun! I had no idea Kevin loves chairs.

Linda said...

Oh yes, they are totally creepy, that's why Kevin took a photo of them. They're parts of mannequins. It's mostly cool antiques! Don't ask me why the heads!