Monday, January 25, 2010

Gratitude Monday....

81. 5 days/evenings on, 5 days OFF now
82. new kitchen plug outlets going in right now to replace old yucky ones
83. juicy Gala apples
84. mild winter weather except for the fact that there has been NO outdoor skating
85. that my patient covered in hives and some weird skin reaction, making us all go home scratching ourselves, was feeling better last night on day 3 of wanting to crawl out of his own body
86. that the patient I needlesticked myself after taking his blood doesn't have HIV or Hep. B or some weird, life threatening illness and he laughed at the questions he had to be asked about alternate sexual life styles and IV drug use. He does have a 60 year old tattoo.
87. oh my warm, cozy bed is so hard to get out of sometimes... the blankets just push me down!
88. our sweet tenant who waited 2 days before calling to say the heat wasn't coming on, poor girl, all fixed, no problem
89. some fun boys Jacob has as friends who hung out yesterday, while us Moms had such a good visit (same ones who can't believe those close minded religious people don't want a Halloween spooky dance at school - that was an interesting discussion. Yesterday's was a neat one about contentment vs. consumerism, with a little on bullying thrown in, both of their older kids have had issues with that, so rough!)
90. did I say 5 days off?


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Oh you found a tenant? Excellent!

Sandra said...

Ohhhh. #86.

Thank You, thank You, thank You.