Sunday, January 9, 2011

1000 things...

212. skates gliding on ice
213. 1/2 price tea lattes between 2-5 this week
214. warm cozy duvets that are so hard to get out of
215. heat, no really, actually having a heated house
216. warm, fuzzy Christmas memories
217. a husband who can take morning coffee breaks at home
218. puppy dog eyes from my 12 year old boy, oh.. he can melt me and talk me into most anything (and it's paper route day)
219. glue sticks and bright colored paper
220. warm, fuzzy, new little boy (OK not so little boy) housecoat (I see a warmth theme happening)
221. a day that smelled like spring
222. ice crystals on eyelashes
223. surviving my first ski of the season on old lady knees
224. red heads
225. knitting scarves
226. my new little corner table for the lap top in the dining room, and keeping an eye on the kids on computer handier
227. trying to get my 2 to bed was getting later and later last week, and going to get them to turn off their lights finally and finding them both reading their Bibles at midnight in their separate rooms. What am I supposed to do? "Stop that Bible reading you children!!"?? Oh my heart melts, loving Jesus.
228. reading through Christmas cards and letters once last time before putting them away
229. new photos on my fridge of loved ones growing bigger each year
230. kissy, spongy horse lips
231. ducks waddling across the road not worried one bit about stopping traffic
232. our new Compassion Christmas "son", Elmer Noel from Guatemala (his name stole our hearts Christmas morning when we picked him out), waiting for his photo to arrive because it's not on the website anymore :)


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I like Elmer Noel as well. Is your rink back up and running?

erin said...

ELMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes so cool

erin said...
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Linda said...

Yep the rink is a go!

Kevin said...

Rink is nearly like glass. Unfortunately forecast is for 7 degrees and raining by Thursday.