Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Randomness with a few special of yous in mind

I've been spending a few moments surfing...

RANDI, I thought maybe you could use this costume idea sometime, so funny and very Canadian

I am so trying these to go with my chai tea latte, sorry TARA, chai is the best, but I'll take Earl Grey as a close 2nd. Next time we're together, let's make these!

ERIN, my girl, this recipe is calling your name!!

JANET, it's calling us...soon soon. I'm thinking this for your kitchen, you said you wanted red. But definitely need to incorporate this maybe beside the fridge!

MISSY, you'll love creative this website, but in other exciting news for me, maybe not for you, Target is buying out Zellers.

MARCIA, I think the Okanagan is calling. It's time for reflective and uncontrolled.

MELISS, you're on my mind too, but this is all I've got for you :)

My blog has been kind of boring and colorless lately. This photo definitely should have gone with #230 on my thankful list.


Randi said...

That picture is hilarious. And the costume is adorable. I want to try that Earl Grey cookie recipe too ... yum!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Your teeth definitely look better than your counterpart Erin.

missy said...

Oh Linda!! I've never seen that site before - it's amazing! Thank you for telling me!! And that's a bummer about Zellers, but Target's pretty cool too... as long as I can still get a large bag of Cheezies for $1 I'll be happy!

Melissa Fed said...

You are sweet Linda! Thanks!
Agreed on Target situation! BEST!