Sunday, January 2, 2011

Overflowing - 40 things to do when I'm 40 (or older)

I am so overwhelmed with blessing. Especially how awesome and good looking my husband is. Overwhelmed by the gifts God has given. I am thankful for so many things and need to continue my list of gratitude, but first with it being a new year, a new decade, and my 40th year- a Biblical year- I wanted to do a list of 40 things I yet want to do with my life. And since I love lists, in thinking and dreaming of what lies ahead and because it's my first post of the new year here goes:

1. not leave my blog open and walk away, so my husband can write his own words into sentence #2
2. be a wife and mother overflowing with joy and love for my family, making their lives and home a wonderful place to be
3. travel to 2 more continents I have yet to see
4. live on land and have chickens and horses
5. volunteer at the Crisis Pregnancy center again
6. lose 20 pounds, but not just that #, but feel healthy and strong
7. go to weekly Bible study with women I love (oh- I already do :)
8. work at a hospital in Africa helping women, maybe this one
9. deliver a baby (not my own)
10. live with purpose every day
11. go to Paris and Italy and ski in Switzerland
12. sew a cute apron
13. horseback ride on the beach with Erin, cantering and galloping for sure!
14. grow more flowers, work in a garden center for a season
15. hold a new niece (or even another nephew)
16. take my kids to my Dad's grave, they've never been
17. see my children get married (not this year!)
18. see the Northern Lights
19. be respected by my children
20.boogie board some waves (this year would be nice)
21. teach a preschool class
22. make each person I'm with every day feel special
23. get a new set of dishes
24. have a window with a great view
25. make a difference in someone's life
26. go on a girls' weekend
27. find my high school best friend Barb and have a long lunch
28. learn to play the guitar well
29. ice skate the canals in the Dutch homeland
30. backpack with Kevin and the kids somewhere cool
31. keep my house cleaner without effort
32. spend more time reading my Bible than on the computer
33. lead people to Jesus
34. keep falling in love with my husband over again
35. go on Survivor
36. end child abuse and slavery
37. teach a Bible class
38. be more of who I am, although being able to make people laugh more would be good too
39. cuddle up by a big fire in a cabin in the mountains for a weekend
40. have everyone I love live on the same street!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Two questions. First question, "A" girls weekend? How about many girl's weekends? Second question. What is with you guys and the chickens?

Randi said...

Clearly we need to have some sort of commune where we raise kids, chickens, and horses. Tara could live down the street, away from the chickens but in line with #40. I want a girl's weekend too - maybe Key West?

And I love #2 ... totally my goal as well.

erin said...

and pigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!