Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Take that Lulu Lemon

So with volleyball season in full swing, and laundry season not happening like 3 times a week after every practice, there has arisen the need for more tight shorts. So we decided to try my hand at making up a pattern identical to the lululemon shorts that ALL the girls wear and are really hard to find in anything similar anywhere else that has similar function and no ride up quality. But who wants to pay the price? $49... for nothing? So we shopped for spandex and had this sweet patterned stuff on hand from a bargain bin, whipped up a little pattern and voila!

Here's me and my rock hard abs modeling this pair for you!
Who would know I've had 2 babies?
Cost ... $9 for both
(plus had to buy some stretchy needles, but caught the 50% sale)

And in other fantastic news, especially for KK, there's been an update and new look to
E's blog! I made it public momentarily, but can add you as a reader once we put it private again in a few days.


missy said...

WOW!!! Way to go!! I love it - stick it to Lulu Lemon!! You are inspiring me like crazy - and you too Erin!!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Love it. Lulu shmoolu.