Monday, January 17, 2011

Gratitude on a Monday

233. I laughed at this funny view when I came around the corner Sunday, dedicated parents hanging over the railing watching their kids!

234. Machine free stippling - the last stage on this baby! Good thing I procrastinated so I could use my NEW machine! The rubber gloves are totally essential to the process!

235. Likely the last skate of the season on our rink, it's now a big puddle, but a fun day with friends!

236. Enjoying Martha's cupcake cookbook, thanks to Erin. "Blueberries and cream"

237. Watching 2 hours of volleyball and doing my Esther homework yesterday afternoon without interruption

238. The end of the Christmas baking- really I'm thankful it's gone!
239. A very funny boy, who coerced me again into walking with him on the paper route, it's good bonding time :)
240. New babies, some twins this week and the same day, KD's best man had a baby girl, his first at age 42! What a total blessing and miracle! Praying for a few more miracles in that department.


Randi said...

Those are all such great things. How exciting for KD's best man ... what a big event!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

So why the rubber gloves - for grip?