Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Have Always Loved Paint Chips

Even when I was a girl, I remember going to the paint store and taking a few of my favorite colors from the paint chip wall.  I had a book that I kept them in and would imagine and write down the best combination of colors.  Now I am much more liberal in my taking of the chips, I think I have pretty much an entire collection, at least in the colors I have in my house or that I like.  People laugh at me when I pull my basket o' chips out of my coffee table, but you just never know when you might need a color match or have to find the exact perfect shade of blue.  I know I don't get out much.
You may think there is nothing creative you can do with paint chips except look at them, well you are wrong!
Erin made an amazing Christmas wreath with reds and greens.  I love the "Holly Leaf" and "Elf Hat" near the top.
For Christmas dinner, Erin made each person had a Christmas tree of color, with words representative of them.  Mine were colors like "Garden Flower", "Uplifting", " Gentle Touch", "Olive Oil", "Faded Jeans", "Dusty Countryside".  You'd be surprised how many colors have the word Jacob in them for his.  Kevin got to be "Magnificent" and "Amazing", but also "Worn Glove".  I think it'd be a good therapy exercise. 
So I made Erin one back for herself:

And this is my latest favorite use:

 I didn't really think that I had painted Erin's room like a paint chip when I did it, but I think subconsciously that's what it is!
I think the LORD likes His name written on "Lake Crest" and Wildflower Wind"


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Hey, I can't read Erin's colors.

erin said...

oh ya my paint chip crafts are awesome!

Linda said...

Ya I know I even took a different photo... Wild Horse, Country Cream, Lime Freckle, Licorice Stick, Sorrel, Blackberry Farm, Grace, Bliss Blue, Little Pond, Farm Life, Tickled Pink

Randi said...

Paint chips are all the rage right now ... have you seen all the blogland projects? You're very in vogue.