Friday, February 4, 2011

Kids Come up with the Greatest things

There's something about the mundane, cabin fever of winter that does bring out the creative juices once in awhile.  I found this sweet nativity sitting atop Jacob's dresser.  I almost glanced past without even noticing because of the simple whites of it, that and the piles of everything else in his room.  Isn't baby Jesus about the cutest Lego Jesus you've ever seen?  And the little animals? It doesn't take much to entertain me.

A Saturday afternoon with a friend is all it takes to find a fort build in the air with tacks all along the ceiling.  Oh well, stipple is forgiving.  It's so cool up in there!

My Bible study ladies wrapped up Esther Tuesday, in a very anti-climatic way. The DVD stopped working and we didn't hear the end.  But I don't know how one of the Moms doesn't just die laughing all the time at her little guy.  He comes running upstairs, "Hey, there's a guy down there!"  He'd seen Kevin heading from the bathroom to his office and was of course a little surprised. The other little boy says, "Ya he's the Dad of the this WHOLE house!"   They are so funny!


Randi said...

Great nativity scene.

And I love the comment about KD.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I love Jacob's mind. Is KD the king of the castle?

Linda said...

He's the King of his castle.