Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Ramblings

We've had a spell of cold, but that means clear skies, which sometimes here in the valley loom a bit grey for a bit too long, so I like today.  The puppy dog is laying in the one strip of sunlight coming through the French doors soaking up the warmth, when suddenly we both just jump about a foot as a poor, chubby quail flew full speed into the front window and now he's laying on the front walk with his beak opening and closing with his last breaths.  He's is looking definitely like a goner!  Left a nice feather patch on the glass... Poor little guy!  Ditto's now pacing around because I know he wants him.  One minute peace and quiet, the next dead birds laying on the ground.

The past few days have been an upheaval of re-scheduling.  Of all the classes that got messed up for the start of a new semester, Erin's foods class was cancelled and they dumped her into Art.  She thinks she has not an artistic bone in her, but you've seen some of her creativity.  After waiting in lines to see a counsellor, twice, 2 phone calls by me, and some angst, she's happy to be into Foods 10.  I can't imagine a world where Erin didn't get to cook, let me rephrase that.. bake!  She still has to take Art, but after revealing to her that she doesn't HAVE to get an A, she could just enjoy it, she resigned.  She's a happy girl.... young lady, almost 16 she keeps telling me!  It's official, she's now taller too.  5'11"

Jacob got into the van pointed to his cheek bone and said, " It feels like a headache, right here."  Well did you hit yourself there with something?  He's always been a VERY physical boy, everything is about movement, physicality, being close, pressing up against, using the big muscles.  "Well", he says, "I did bang heads with Brody in the wrestling free for all, every man for himself, in PE". He grins a huge, satisfied smile.  I cringe.  Who is this PE teacher?  I guess he must know a thing or 2 about boys, but yet I cringe. "I was in the last 3 standing!!"  Go and tell your father, I don't want to know these things.

Tomorrow I think is a day for thrift store shopping.  I want to do another quilt - I've caught the bug - but want to use vintage fabrics, and don't like the cost that really getting into it could entail.  Anyone want to come along?

I looked out the window again to see the poor, chubby quail and he was gone.  Maybe he just had the wind knocked out of him and flew away. I'll hope so.

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I try to be much for careful in my wresting free for alls.