Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Thousand Gifts

I'm excited about my Bible study: we've chosen as something totally different to be a book club for a few weeks (don't worry we won't forget THE BOOK), and this is the book we've chosen.

She's the author who has spurred on the idea of creating a list of things you are thankful for, to think and thank God for small gifts, be fully present in your moments, and that I've tried to keep up with doing every Monday.  It'll be totally different than the type of indepth Bible studies I'm used to doing, but we're hoping to really spur on some good discussions, right girls?

So to continue my list of gratitudes...
241. the snowy flakes pasted to the windshield this morning that were so separate and perfect, each one
242. getting more notice for my short call shifts these days, I don't like the phone calls, "Can you work, like right now?"  I'm not that spontaneous, unless it's like coffee date or something fun!
243. warm chocolate chip cookies
244. meeting a professional soccer player today from Sweden, and "hiring him" to take on part of our coaches training for my new role on the board of directors for the soccer club. He's so young and cute! What was I thinking taking this on?  He'll be relieving a lot of stress for me.  (he'll never read my blog and his photo is already on the www. so I figured I could post his stats)
245. great report cards x2
246. spontaneous trips to Superstore
247. a job for friends who have been waiting
248. hearing, "Hi! Jacob's Mom" a few times today
249. Jesus being able to redeem hurt and thinking of a girl named "E" (not my E)
250. family laughing in the living room, got to go join them


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Because I was worried you would forget THE BOOK

Melissa Fed said...

We will indeed behave ourselves Linda! Thanks so much for keeping our divergent minds coming back!!!! Your the BEST!!!

Linda said...

Oh I didn't say anything about behaving :)