Saturday, May 3, 2008

Double Digits

In 4 Days, I will no longer be a Mommy of anyone in the single digits. I will have definitely advanced to double digits and the ranks of, "Oh you have school aged kids, they're not so little anymore". I shall be very sad because my baby is so big! And not quite so cuddly anymore. Still like to cuddle, but is kind of long and lean and lanky. More and more each day, I realize that they aren't mine. They never were to begin with, but they are gift loaned to me from the King of Heaven. To teach me, to show me laughter, to make me smile, to teach me a lot of patience, to help me know what it feels like to be really tired, to know joy, and perseverance, to know what it feels like to have your heart walking around in someone else's body, to feel responsible, to truly care for and love, and to see part of yourself in the smallest facial expression and wonder how it got there. To know a bit more what God must feel like towards me. What happened to all those years? The days seemed so long, but the years were so short!

There's a bit of sadness, but I am also so excited!! There is more independence, there are evenings out with my husband without getting a sitter, there are more interesting camping trips, and longer bike rides, and interesting and intelligent conversations, and loving relationships. More help around the house :) and less plastic toys to pick up (except the budding engineer and all his Lego), less evening time to myself, but more fun times together!

The party plans are ON!

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Randi said...

You're right - it's so great and so melancholy at the same time. I can't believe your babies are so big!