Friday, May 16, 2008

Thank you Mama, Mom and Dad

So I am now post-birthday party, post-company, post-surgery, and post-being out of town. Not a good place to be because I feel the need to get so many things back to normal and tidied up!! Normally when I am any ONE of these things (except surgery because that's only ever happened once before) I spend the day getting life back to normal and cleaned up, but I am having some difficulty with that today!! What I should be doing is sitting here and resting all day with my lovely bouquet. Thanks Mama! I am using all my will power to try to sit still and relax in a dirty house!

Things I can do with my eyes like this today:
-type, but not read very well
-call the dog, but not be able to see where he is in they yard
-put in loads of laundry, but not feeling really good about the bending down part, pressure on the eye balls
-lay in a dark room
-wear 2 pairs of sunglasses when outside
-have coffee with a friend at MY house (any takers?) one is coming later :)
-eat, no problem there
-bath but no showers allowed
-put a lot of different drops in my eyes, but the pain one only 6 times a day MAX!!
-walk around aimlessly

Things I cannot do today:
-cook, definitely cannot do that today
-wash floors, definitely none of that!
-read or get caught up on my Beth Moore study that I am supposed to lead on Thursday
-drive! Kevin is on school duty
-play Scrabble
-plant anything in my garden- no dusty environments allowed!! Stinky!
-complain, can you just imagine your vision like this all the time? I think I would die if I were blind!
-do vigorous exercise - oh darn!
-read any blogs!! DARN again!

So I am thankful for engineers who think up amazing technology, friendly nurses who tell you it's all going to be fine, but if you need an Ativan there's one right here ( I was fine without, although the burning smell was a little concerning), grandparents who drive their grandkids to every sporting activity and practice that could possibly be fit into a 2 1/2 day period (why that happened who knows?), a happy husband who will get me anything, the beauty of this world!! God who made it all. Maybe that sounds a little trivial, but I want so badly to look at all the little things coming up in the garden, and at the moment they are blurry pink things, and blurry white things and lots of blurry green.

I will be posting the surgical eye ball photos soon once Kevin makes them "un-raw" so stand-by.

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Randi said...

Bummer ... but in just a few days you'll be seeing clearly! I'm excited for you!