Friday, May 30, 2008

Code White

This week I worked 2 days and we had a very interesting, or shall I say sociopathic individual that wrecked havoc on the whole entire unit with all the staff, including many docs, nurses, managers, security guards and I was his primary nurse. We ended up calling code white - violent/aggressive patient - on him. He finally signed himself out against medical advise, but we're all much happier about it. This is a man who had grabbed a syringe from a nurse and held it to her neck, was extremely verbally abusive, calling everyone ugly, wishing your family dead, throwing feces at nurses, threatening, hate spewing from every word and action. Just generally a real pleasant chap(sarcasm noted). I actually didn't have any "incident" with him, but I think it was because he was always trying to get more Morphine out of me and mostly because I had this wall of angelic protection guarding me. Not that God would protect only me with His angels, but I definitely could sense the battle between good and real EVIL going on.

It scares me to think there are these kind of people in the world. You really come face to face with the reality of fallen humanity, the real impact of Satan in the world. Call it "personality disorder cluster B" if you want, but there is most definitely a spiritual element to it all, or maybe it is ALL spiritual. In all the chaos, I saw the need for Jesus in these women that I work with. Some of them so emotionally impacted by this man. Some of them so affected by his words. Such a felt need for the peaceful presence of the Holy Spirit. And I saw the beauty of all of these other "healers". These people who work day in and day out helping total strangers in a time of need with such care and professionalism, such love and grace. Even without the love of Jesus compelling them, they care for people. So how am I much different, when I have that love of Jesus compelling me?

So that's where I've been this week.... Now onto becoming the Mom of a teenager this weekend!


Randi said...

Wow - that makes for a rough week. Glad God was keeping you in His care throughout.

Sandra said...

What a shaping experience ~~ and how brilliant that it was not a wounding one for you.

I love your question: So how am I...different?

We ask ourselves this question continuously as our friends don't deny the validity of our "relgion" because we're such "nice," "kind," "caring," people.

In the flavor-of-the-month spiritual guidance that is saturating North America, Ekhart Tolle (author of "The New Earth) preaches a salvation-free remedy to the world's need for peace. While the teachings of Christ are valued as sound and wise, His Godhood is denied. Systematically. Dismissively. Readers/followers are encouraged to absorb His ways into a Buddhist approach to belief.

So, what do we have to offer?

Is it time for us to take Him at His word that we'll be doing "greater things than these"?

I'm asking. Not telling. Because I don't know. My psychic friends swear by their positive healing energies. I gently suggest that the source of true power -- the kind that comes without fear and is fully Loving -- comes from Jesus.

But I don't back that up with an offer to put my hands on them. "I don't have silver or gold, but what I do have, I give to you: In the name of Jesus Christ, walk!"

Is it time for us to be more up-front with the power of God?

It's so much easier to present Him as kind, generous, tender, available! But powerful?

I pray for your continued safety and insight at work. And I pray for the day when we, as His friends, we can touch a man so tormented and see him set free! May the man you ment this week be forever changed by his encounter with Christ in you!