Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Boy's Top 10

I can never come up with any great ideas on my own, but I can sure copy them. SO in honor of Tara's great post about her 10 year old niece, I couldn't forget my sweet boy who is also 10! (OK some of these are blurry, but it was my quick way to do it instead of scanning them all in, or maybe it's my eyes).

#10 He loves anything with wheels since the moment he could sit, he could push things with wheels. He has always really loved the Porsche without persuasion from any outside source!

#9 He has always jumped into everything wholeheartedly and he still is learning how to properly use utensils and I'm not joking!

#8 He is so content with himself and has always been able to play and entertain himself for hours.

#7 He was always very cuddly and still loves to give a good hug .

#6 He can make a real good mess

#5 He has always loved his big sister and tried to copy, emulate or generally drive her crazy with his silly antics. They are mostly great friends.

#4 He has always had a really generous heart and spirit

#3 He has the best sense of humor and keeps us all laughing.

#2 He has always had a soft and sensitive heart and an
openness to spiritual things.

#1 He's my favorite BOY! Smart, creative and mathematical. Loving, caring, such a homebody, and so sure and content in himself. I love you!


Randi said...

What a cutie! I can't believe he's ten ... those years flew by.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Hey, maybe your boy and my Toots should hook up?