Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy 39!

We're pretty relaxed party people, like we don't really get invited to parties and our own are very low key. Maybe we should get out more, be a little more interesting, you know have some friends :) We try. It's a Friday night, we're home as usual. Gone are the days of what am I doing Friday night? Usually going to bed early 'cause we're tired. We took Erin to riding lessons, picked up Jacob from another birthday party, and had a great dinner out. Jacob didn't eat since he'd already had pizza and ice cream cake.

Good morning sweetie! A few balloons to keep you company in the office today!

What are you building on the screen there today? Should I blur it out?
Is it confidential? Looks like a pipe of some sort??

Fishing tackle box from Erin, licorice from Jake.

(not homemade) aren't blowing out the birthday candle photos just usually the best?! People always look their best!

What is a party without loot bags? We always have loot bags even at adult birthdays!

Happy Birthday Kev!!


erin said...

Happy B-day Dad!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Erin - are you taking the "birth" out of birthday?

Randi said...

I love that you have loot bags even just for your family party ... the Drew's are the best!

erin said...

No, just the 'irth'